Ultra Quiet Yet Powerful Vacuum Cleaner Siemens VSQ5X1230

If you are looking for a strong vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dirt, hair or any other disturbing items, Siemens VSQ5X1230 is a great choice. In this article you’ll take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of this hoover and also read my own opinion on it.

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Let’s start with general information.

General characteristics:

  • Capacity – 4.5 liters;
  • Dimension – 5 x 30.7 x 24 cm;
  • Weight – 7.1kg (with all suction accessories);
  • Color – black with blue design;
  • Operating radius – 13 m;
  • Power – 850w;
  • Energy efficiency – class B;
  • Noise level – 70dB.

According to this description, Siemens VSQ5X1230 fulfills all the main criteria of vacuum cleaner: it’s powerful, quiet and energy efficient. Let me give you more details.

Extremely powerful

Siemens VSQ5X1230 has better suction power than previous models. The motor capacity is 850 watts with innovative technology which guarantees that all the dust will be sucked.

From my first impression, it seems true, the device sucks absolutely intensive and strong.

Impressively quiet

Siemens introduced the Silence power option, which means that vacuum cleaner has an active noise filter. According to the manufacturer, even sucking with maximum power should be quiet with noise level of 70dB.

From my own experience, it is really like this! It seemed so strange to see a quiet vacuum cleaner, that I even had to check if it’s really sucking.

Big capacity

The capacity of Siemens VSQ5X1230 is quite large for this size – it’s 4.5 liters, what makes you change bags less often.

Vacuum cleaner has another advantage for people like me (who is allergic to everything possible) – the HEPA filters which clean the air from tiny pieces of dust.

About the size

Now a little bit about disadvantages. The only one that I found is that the hoover is a little bulky and occupy much space. If you live in a tiny studio, you need to think about where to keep it. But honestly this little flaw doesn’t matter much after all the positive features this device has.


Siemens VSQ5X1230 is the winner of all the vacuum cleaners I’ve had. It has a powerful suction and is easy to adjust. It’s also quite enjoyable to vacuum because of the noise reduction. I believe that the price of 150 euros is very competitive and fair for this kind of performance.

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